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Have you seen what’s new on Kensington High Street?

Have you noticed the new benches and flowers? Or the banners?

Following a series of collaborative conversations and walkabouts, the first part of the town centre work began last year with the creation of a new visual identity for Kensington High Street. It focused on celebrating the cultural and natural attractions that it is home to by unrolling new banners, benches, and greenery. We wanted to test new ideas so that we could begin to build an evidence base of what might work when designing a future vision and delivery plan for the High Street.

We think it is important that high streets serve local communities, and we hope that by implementing small ideas we can have a big impact.

Based on your feedback from the survey, the toolkits that we are going to create will help us deliver additional interventions in the future, contributing towards an improved public realm, that is welcoming and resilient.

We are looking forward to hearing what else you think is missing from the high street, or what you would like to see more – or less – of!

Contribute towards the vision here:

Outdoor dining on Kensington High Street

Posted on 14th September 2021

by Reisha Gill